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I need a cad system for a rp group

Hey I’m Planning On Surprising My Mate But We Are Both Young I’m 12 yo he is younger so please help message me on discord
PS. I don’t have a bank or Paypal
Also Email Is [email protected]

Hey come on over here we have cheap cads 5 Star Rating i bought one myself! is free. You can sign up instantly, just use that if you can’t pay.

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Hello, my name is John S. with Eagle Technology. Eagle Technology is a newly opened company that makes CAD/MDTs. I am here as I saw your request for a CAD/MDT for a Roleplay group. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord with any questions you have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. You can also join this discord and we can talk from there. Our prices range from $15-$50 with a total of 3 different CADs, our Silver Edition, Gold Edition and Legendary edition (In Development). You can alse email me @ [email protected]

Just to piss off Cheap Cads; and eagle technology; i will give it to you for free; just send me a message here on Bubble forums


Ok… Idk how to message you on the forums… So here is my new email [email protected]

Just to let you know, it doesn’t piss me off. I like that other people are getting business and i’m happy.

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@iammadmatt can i please have a cad??

join this discord the will hook you up for cheap


join our discord we have a free cad

join if you wanna buy a CAD/MDT

Would you be willing to provide a cad for another newly opened roleplay group? I just started one called FBRC (Florida Based Roleplay Community) and have been trying to find a free one, until I get it off the ground. If you provided us with one, I would be willing to promote your cad system on our server. Thank you.

i would like a free cad

No-one is going to giveaway a CAD/MDT that they have worked hard on for free. That’s how life works.

Looking for high quality CAD/MDTs?

Visit our website here or join our Discord to learn more about our custom CAD/MDTs.

HawkTechnology.png1000x1000 22.2 KB

Hawk Technology is a company that designs MDTs/CADs, Websites, Web Hosting, Models and textures for Grand Theft Auto V, Logos, and more. All of our products are custom made and mint quality. Our 24/7 support team will assist you with your purchase and anything else you might need. Our products do take time to design and deliver, but it pays off as they are made both professionally and completely custom to your needs and requests. For more information on us and our products, visit our website at the bottom of this post or join our discord!

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PHP Cads
Our PHP cads are top of the range custom coded and made from scratch these cads have had alot of time and effort put into them here is some photos of our first PHP CAD with a demo.

PHP CAD Images

Demo for PHP CAD/MDT
If you would like to buy this join our discord

Custom to order GTA V Textures And Models

A standard model will cost 10 to 15$ a texture is 3$ per texture


Logos will vary in price depending on complexity.


We offer cheap domains for .com .net and any other check out our website now

Web Hosting (With CPanel)

There are a few things that make us different from other hosting companies. We have top of the grade hardware with 24/7 Support . We care about you and what you buying we make sure you’re getting the best experience you can get. We offer cheap and affordable hosting with 99.99% Uptime

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Our VPS Hosting is one of the best. We have to quality hardware for cheap and affordable prices. Our 24/7 Support Team that will answer all you’re questions and take care of you with respect. We also offer free FiveM Server Setup and Support with purchase of any of our VPS Plans. CAD/MDT’s

Simple Cad
→Fast and high quality
→Full customization
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Images of Simple CAD -

Red CAD_
→Fast and high quality
→Full customization
→Authentic MDT sounds
→8 departments
→Management panel
→FiveM Integration
→Discord Integrations
→Wezal News And Grupple 6
Images of Red CAD -

Hawk CAD →Custom
→Unlimited customizations
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→12 departments
→Management panel
→Owner panel
→Report Leo
→Department Transfer
→FiveM Integration
→Discord Integrations
→Weazal News And Grupple 6
Demo for Hawk CAD/MDT -

We are going to be releasing a CAD System later this year which will allow you to completely customize what the cad looks like where the buttons are what they say without having backend access we already have this in our Hawk CAD but on a lower level. Also, putting auto cad setup in our CAD (Which means when you buy, it will set its self up)…

Check Out Our Website
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Yeah, I need one [email protected] Meh names Joshua


We Are Here To Help


What is OCEAN CAD ?

Ocean Cad Is A CAD/MDT Production Team That Makes CAD/MDT’s To Sell . Ocean Cad Has The Best Rating’s In CAD .

Why We Do This

We Do This Because We Love To Help People And Give Them A Good Day We Do Give Away’s Many Time’s Our CADS Have The Best Ratings Our We Love Getting New Clients . We Love Making CAD’s And Developing Our Team Can Make You The Best Cad For The Best Price .


These Packages Will Be Sold In Our Discord

Our Packages

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|Premium + FULL SUPPORT Support Custom CAD 10-20 $ [Monthly You Can Make An Offer]

| VIC Very Important CAD Everything You Need 30-50 $

|OCEAN CAD CUSTOM PACKAGE Full Support Custom CAD Full Access Lessons In Cad Making And More 50 - 80 $

Package Information

|Premium $

Front End = 5 $
Back End = 10 $


Front End = 5 $
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|Premium +

Front End = 10 $
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| VIC Very Important CAD

Front End = 18 $
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Front End = 20 $
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We Are Making More CAD’S And They Will Be Awesome Feel Free To Join Our Discord We Love New Members

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Our Server And Other Info

Hello there I’m WhiteHat I am Founder And Owner Of OCEAN CAD Free CAD/MDT’s and cads for low price Join our discord for more information we would love to get clients .

Our Discord Server :

Welcome to Priz

Priz Solutions is a leading provider in CAD/MDT, script developing, and graphics creating. Looking for the best customer service? Look no further. Looking for originality? Look no further. Need a script for your FiveM server? Give us a shout! We look forward to hearing from you!


Demo Link

You can register an account and it will automatically set you as the owner and grant you access to the different department types.

All of the information in the admin page has been disabled, meaning no buttons actually work. This is to avoid anyone maliciously attacking. Also, emails have been hidden, so do not worry about using an actual email.


We sell the Afterthought 2.0 system in two different ways. If you want to pay for it all upfront, we offer a one time fee of $50 and your front-end system will be up constantly.

If you would like to pay a smaller fee, we also offer monthly payments. The monthly payment is only $5 a month.

Discord / Join Us

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Welcome to Retron Web Services

Retron Web Services is a leading & trusted provider in the CAD/MDT industry, praised especially for our customer support & quick setup. We’re here to provide the best roleplay experience for any community, no matter the size or game.

We offer two custom CAD/MDT systems, called Galaxy & Encore, which you can learn more about below.

Galaxy Roleplay System

A fresh, new design, this CAD/MDT provides a fresh new take on all roleplay systems. With features like Discord Integration & Access Password Enabler, this is definitely the roleplay system for your community.
A full feature list can be found here.

Encore Roleplay System

Built from scratch to surface, this is a one of a kind system designed to enhance the roleplay ability for police, fire, and dispatchers, with a completely custom design and amazing features, like automatic member approval and unlimited departments.

A full feature list can be found here, or here.

Each CAD/MDT is is $15 for a frontend copy and $30 for a copy with editor access.

To order any of these systems or view a demo, visit our website or join our Discord.

Happy Roleplaying!
Retron Web Services Team

I need a CAD. My email is [email protected]