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I need a cad system for a rp group

I make CADS for free. No gimmics or anything. Yea it sounds to good to be true but I enjoy making CADS and putting smile on peoples faces. Send me a friend request and dm me if you are interested


i need a cad for my gta rp server for ps3

join wolf technology

Hello @everyone My Name is HarleyTG Owner and Founder Of Harley’s Solution’s
( )
We have All Kinds Of Things
basic cad
raven cad
custom cads
Other Products
servers making
website making
E-delivery Stuff
e-delevery giftcards
discord nitro
Harley’s Solution’s Discord Security Service
And More

can you add me on discord and i can buy one of you cad/mdt

Flex Designs

What we do: We are a CAD/MDT Development company. We also specialize in Web development and graphic design.

Why we started:
I started Flex Designs to give back to the communities that are out there. I also like making the products and made it into a business.

Some of are products:
Simplex CAD
Simplex CAD V2
Web Sites
And much more

Flex RP
Legacy Creations
Hadmodding group

How to get the MDT’s:
To get the CAD’s you have to go on are site and join are disord server. Go to ticket creation and create a ticket and tell us what products you want.


It says invalid link, does the server no longer exist or just link invalid?

Hello idklol,
Mercury has a great amount of cad and great prices our lowest price is $3.50 and the max is $13 and we only do reseller cads and we do lost of sales and giveaways sometimes so if you would like to join here is our link.

can i get a free cad

Hey @thatyt6853,

Check out Afterthought System’s Free CAD/MDT at 👀 | Free Roleplay CAD/MDT by Afterthought System, LLC

We also offer premium CAD/MDT services at :blush:

If you have any questions or concerns about our premium service, please send us an email at [email protected]. If you need any support with our free template, we don’t provide dedicated support, but you can post on our forum and await for a response at :smile:

Johnny L.
Afterthought System
[email protected]