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I need a CAD System

Hello, I need a FREE CAD system w/ an admin, police, fire, EMS, dispatch also highway patrol please no stolen CAD’s that would be awesome

Hey we have a Cad/MDT that has all departments would you like it

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Hi there @Chaks231,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Terminal by Afterthought System is a unique and original CAD/MDT system that offers a 14 day free trial.

Check it out at

Feel free to DM us with any questions or shoot us an email at [email protected]!

Hello! Please add me Apsects#5196 I am a. Ustinov cad developer. I’m willing to dev for your community

If you are talking about discord i am going to have to pass I don’t have it right now

Ok sure

is it free???

Ok sure can’t use discord

Hey! Add me on discord and we can talk more. I have a really good CAD based on 2017 DOJ CAD. I would love for you to use it for your roleplay server! Proteeen#9770

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Can’t use discord

if i add you on discord is the cad for free

Yes. Only for right now though so go ahead and add me right now before I stop doing this. Proteeen#5092