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I need a free CAD/MDT for a GTA 5 roleplay server


I have always wondered but never got an actual answer, who would make a complex system for free? Spending time to work on something that wouldn’t make any type of profit.

I wanna know, why? Anyone is welcome to answer.

Imagine lying, I bought 2 cads already.

Don’t buy @anon66991630 CAD/MDT system. I wouldn’t even recommend using his free version of the CAD. He’s the worst “salesperson” I ever met. When I told him I wasn’t interested in buying his cad I left his server and he got mad and banned me from his Discord server after I left and DMed me this:image

After all these messages I’m pretty sure I’m unbanned from his Discord server just because he won’t look bad obviously. He’ll try to fool you and make you look stupid.

He’ll get mad at you if you don’t purchase his CAD. He needs to learn customer service, patience, respect for those who are interested in buying your product.

Lying about what? Lol

Hello! Again I will post this because this kid can’t read the literal proof of the chat logs. Anybody concerned about negative reviews, please feel free to review the ticket archive with this kid.

Also you were unbanned instantly after you were banned, thus your messages in my community could be deleted, this is called a “soft ban” sometimes.

We wouldn’t want negativity in our community

Pretty sure you can find cads that are 10 times better but they’re a bit expensive.

Actually our system is known as the 2nd best multi-cad system just behind the Rocket CAD system, however like you mentioned it is more expensive and it is monthly charges.

Our system only does one-time payments for cheap prices!

Also, like stated on our CAD’s home page, it was originally built by another group and once we purchased the CAD for resell permissions we have since fixed all of the issues it had, redesigned it completely, and added new features that I have never even seen in a CAD before.

Feel free to have a free DEMO of the CAD if you’d like to see for yourself. :slight_smile:

We’d be glad to assist with any questions you have!

Hello, my name is wade I am a owner on a server on discord for rp on ps4 It just re-opened recently and I am looking for a CAD/MDT as our old one was hacked but I don’t have any money to buy one.

hello @wadetoles78 , If your looking for an Amazing FREE CAD/MDT system then look no further. Galaxy Productions supplies a free CAD system to our Customers for FREE! We also have many other CAD/MDT systems Available feel free to find us here:

cameron#2884 i need one