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I need a free CAD/MDT for my rp server dm or email me

hey I just created a RP server and am needing a CAD/MDT DOJRP style for free
please dm me on discord gamerboilive#9456 or email me [email protected]

must haves
4 departments (civ,leo,fd, dispatcher)
leo needs 3 departments
3 aops
(dispatch needs to have a signal 100 button with tone, check what unit hits there panic button, 10-3 button, and a tone board for fd calls. call dashboard )
(civ: dial 911 page, create/delete created civs , register cars/ mark stolen , create priority)
leo supervisor panel (access to signal 100, 10-3,)
leo could have the normal access and panic button, has to input a call-sign when they go onto patrol
fd has access to panic button , search peoples names , call-sign page when they sight into the panel
priority notification when someone puts in a priority