I need for help about my task management app

I want to bond tasks each other. I want to tell you my problem with an example. Lets get 5 tasks;

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5

I want to bond Task 1 to Task 2, Task 2 to Task 3, Task 3 to Task 4, and Task 4 to Task 5.

I did that but I want to set a number for each task for define how many task bonded as chain. In the example, Task 1’s number need to be 4 and Task 2’s number need to be 3.

How can I do that?

How did you do that? Please share screenshots.

I think you can create a field (type number) for each task. When creating a task give it a value, say 1. You can add +1 each time you assign another task within it.

Please share screenshots of database task setup, workflow, bonding etc. to get a more curated solution.

Sorry for late answer. I recorded a video for you. I did this without rg but this way there is too much load on workflows