I need help connecting the API Connector to Stripe


I’m using the Stripe.js Plugin and loving it! Thanks @copilot.

But as I’m in Germany my Connect Accounts/Sellers need to specify that their company has no additional owners:

Now, I’m trying to set up the API Connector to simply pass the info that there are no additional owners. BUT it’s not working :frowning:

Question: How do I set up?

Thanks for all your advice!

Hey @bubblero,

We’re happy to add support for Additional Owners, give us a shout at plugins@cobubble.com. :slight_smile:

@copilot, your plugin is really comprehensive and it really has almost everything necessary to set up business accounts. However, are you still working on adding support for additional Owners? I did one of your sources on stripe payments, and it really helped, but adding additional owners it’s really important as well.

Much appreciated.