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I need help for a cad systen

Hey, I was wondering, if someone could help me get a cad for my new discord server, this rp will only be Xbox but is there someone that can at least help me and I was going to see if someone could do it for free since I’m just a kid and my family is having money problems, email me at [email protected] or just dm me on discord TalontheGamer#2106

Hello, @The_Monster_Gang my name is Daniel and I am the CEO/Founder of Central Sync Media Network and I am contacting you today because my company offers a free CAD/MDT if you join are discord you can see when you join are discord and it’s super simple to setup

CSMN (Central Sync Media Network)

“CSMN” Platform creates the experience for the “All Content Creators” to enhanced there network and our brand at the same time with our quality tools and our significant brand

Central Sync Media Network is more than just a Network it is additionally a corporation and soon to own multi branches. Right now “CSMN” Central Sync Media Network Owns “Infinity Productions”
which is a company that does a lot of Networking for Online such as selling “Dedicated Servers”, “Virtual Private Servers”, “Gaming PC”, "Cloud Hosting and much more

Official Logo:
Official Banner:
Discord Invite:
Contact Information
:e-mail: : [email protected]

Hi! Here at Snake Designs, we offer free, Cheap and High-end CADS. Join our discord and make a ticket and we can work something out to suit you! :slight_smile: