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I need help, I have a problem with a page type of content and his database


It is my first message on the forum, first I love Bubble, the plateforme is great !

I’m building a website for my startup.

My website is about Escape Game, I have a database “Escape Game” with all the informations about them (name, photo…)

I have a page with the a repeating group which display all of them:

Then, when the user click on “en savoir plus” he goes to a new page where he can see more informations about the Escape Game.

Here is my workflow:

This new page is an “Escape Game” type page, the page is working and display the right title and the right image of the Escape Game but the page display a lot of information about my database at the top of the page :

The page display all the information about the escape game from my database : (sorry about the quality, it is writen in black at the top of the page)

I tried a lot of things and I can’t see where my mistake is … Is someone already had a problem like this and fixed it ?

Thank you very much for your help…

You can see my website at (The pages with the problem are not published yet of course :slight_smile:

Hi @live-escapebox :slight_smile: Are you referring to the information in the URL where it has the Unique ID of the Escape Game (the long number “1480419321…”)? If so, this is the data that was sent from the home page to the escape_game page in order to dynamically display that game’s information. Not to worry, it’s like this in every app when sending data to a page. There are some workarounds to create shorter URL links throughout the forum that Users have found, but the way that you have it right now is currently the standard format.

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