I need help making a Forum Page

Hello, please DM ( Aspect#4716 ) on discord if you can help me or give me tip to making a Forum page on my bubble.io site. Thanks

You can try my template. I have a forum template you can buy or take a look at for ideas. Hope that helps! :blush:

Halo .

What’s the name of your template and where can I find it as I also want to build a forum.

Here is the direct link to the template. https://bubble.io/template/simple-fast-loading-forum-1554006263397x274387721704701950

You can take a look at the preview to see it in action.

Also, here is the original post about it [Template] 💎 Simple Fast Loading Forum

Hello, unfortunately thats out of my budget. Would you be able to give me a one time deal?

Well, you can use Discourse. It’s open source. https://github.com/discourse/discourse

Hope that was helpful. :blush:

Hi there,

We have a tutorial on exactly how to build a forum at nocodify.com, check it out!

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