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I need help setting up the bubble bootstrap star rating input plug in

Hello, I’m trying set up the bubble star rating plug in but the documentation is not clear. I can get the part in the workflow for when the star ratings value has changed but the next part create a new rating I can’t find how to do it. Here is the screenshot of the documentation. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there, @eswheeler1992… can you elaborate on what you are trying to do or share some screenshots of what you have done so far?

The part of the documentation about creating a new rating is just an example. You don’t necessarily have to have a Rating data type where you create a new thing when a user rates something. The plugin is simply an input element with a resulting value that is a number, and you can save that value to any number field in any existing data type in your app.

Anyway, if you are able to clarify what you are trying to do, I’m sure someone can help you get there.


I figured it out. Sorry to take your time.

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