I need help to work whit list of items

Hi all,
I need a help to a issue.
I have a list of items;
I need to separate them in categories;
Each category should be composed to sequence (number) and description;
After that, I have to add one category in a process, bringing the list of items, according to the type of process. E.g, the process type “Finance” will received the category named “Finance” whit their list of items (sequency and description each one).
Once in a process, each item will have an initial date, an expected finish date, a real finish date and I’ll have to calculate the process time of each one (finish date minus initial date).

I’ve already created a items thing in the database only whit description;
Should I create another thing to the category where each category will be a list of items from the items thing, adding the sequency (the sequency changes according to the category)?
And, how can I add a category in a process whit all their items?

Thanks a lot!!!

I think I might be able to help you but I’m not sure to understand exactly your request…
Can you maybe picture your request?

I’ll attach some images to try explain better.

So @vnihoul77, let me see if I make explain better.
The objective is build a follow-up of process, with stages.

First of all I create a list of events (means items; or stages… does not matter) as a full list;

In a next step, I have to create a specific workflow by category (Finances e.g);

And a third step is select this wrokflow in a process, to control the events (items or stages).

I hope I get explain better. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you so much!

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