I need help with a zeroqode template!

I bought the Udemy template and I’m trying to recreate it in my own app. The problem is that I already did the exact things that zeroqode did on the create a course part, and in my app when I complete the course form and press the botton to save it, it doesn’t show up in the reapeting group that goes upwards. I literally look up at every detail and nothing change. Some one know maybe about a detail that is hard to find or that you think that I didn’t saw?

@ZeroqodeSupport ping! :blush:

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Check privacy settings of the data types

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Hello, @benjabarrixd
Thanks for reaching out.

Allow me to agree with the recommendations, given by the folks earlier, and recommend you them as well:

Please check your privacy Rules in your DataBase, following this screenshot:

Also, you can review these threads, which can be helpful for you:

In case of any additional questions will appear - please be free to contact us.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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