I need help with database and set state

I want that when making the check box of the services, when clicking in “Next” it appears fields to fill according to the services that selected.

How do I do this with set state? Show me only the selected ones

Do I have to save any information when selecting a service?

It depends on your navigation structure imho. What happens when users click next? Do they get taken to a new page? Is it a popup on the same page?

Yes, it’s a pop up.

When they put next I want it to go to a new set state that has the previous step selected


You can set a custom state on the page, which would be a list of texts.
Run a workflow when checkbox is changed and checked to add the relevant text to this custom state (using :plus item). Same thing when checkbox is changed and unchecked (using :minus item).

You can then use this custom state to list services in the popup

All right, I got that. Thanks!!

Now I want if I select “Option 1” to save 1 field.

The problem I have is that when I give it a save I create a new one and I don’t know how to make that one just when it doesn’t exist with the same “name”

For example, here when the user Max has already created “Kitchen” I do not want to save but edit the information in that field.