I need help with my cad

Many people and I do mean many have told me to give up on organising a GTA role play server. All I’m really missing is a C.A.D.
I’m not a good app Creator by any means.
I tried on sauce cad and it’s littered with bugs. Could some one help please?

What do you need help with exactly? Is there anything specific we can help with?

If you need some help I am available, dm me at Dooms#4932

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Your discord will not allow me to DM

Hello degoldenkiwi, if you’re looking for a custom CAD/MDT, look no more! I’m the Co-founder of Vexx Distribution and we will make you a custom CAD or you can buy one of our custom public templates! The prices depends of the features you want to do add to your CAD/MDT, you’re also able to get a free 24/7 Support team to help you create your own CAD with all the features you need!

Please join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/jUU6CA

Thank you but someone is already making me a free one