I need Help with my UI and Workflow

Hi there.

I would really appreciate any help that I can get to fix a UI issue that I am facing when a run workflow. Here are the details of the issue I am facing:

There are two workflows:
Workflow 1
a. This workflow is supposed to take the user’s input and generate a response from the Landing page.
b. When the send button is pressed, the landing page should be hidden and the chat messages repeating group should be made visible.
The trouble here is that the UI doesn’t align as it should when the workflow is run. The Lading page doesn’t seem to collapse so the page scrolls for some time with a blank screen where the landing page should be.
Also, the response isn’t displayed in the Repeating group when this flow is run from the landing page. However, if the prompt is entered when the Repeating group is visible, then it works fine.
I have tried everything to my knowledge to fix this, but nothing seems to work.
Can someone please help me with this? I would be really grateful.

I may not be the expert - but few questions.

  1. Is this a front end or back end workflow - as the front usually freezes the page if it is performing something bigger.
  2. I have bypassed some loadings, by displaying popups in front, so the user know he is waiting and the in the back the page is reshuffling/reloading - can be a good solution until you find what you are looking for.
  3. Maybe instead of changing page - redirect to a new one?

Hope this can help a bit.

Thanks for replying. it is front-end. I’m still kinda new to bubble so is a difficult problem to articulate. but let me try:
The user presses the send button for the API call to return a response to the chatbot. This which is done in the landing page. The cells with the landing page content need to be be hidden, and the relevant Chatbot cells are made visible on the same landing page. However what happens is that when the landing page content is hidden, not everything gets collapsed, and this leaves an empty space, and the focus goes to this empty space, instead of the chatbot content.
I have tried all I know, and nothing seems to fix this.
I hope this helps to clarify. Sorry for the poor explanation earlier.

Hmm. I think somebody more experienced with frontend is needed here, as I cannot really see what is the challenge you are talking about.
Maybe provide some screenshots - as they can help very much people to diagnose what the problem is.
Also - what helped me a lot - always specify step by step what do you do.
So follow up questions - what hides the page - workflow? try copying it and removing the thing, that should be hidden by workflow and check how does it look and if this is what you are going for. Fishing ideas :slight_smile:
@somebody maybe can help Edward here

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