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I need more insightful people, Please join this discussion

Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to start off by thanking everyone’s willingness in helping.
But I want some answers regarding Copyrights and IP, or the main reason you’re protected from bad intentions.

How you can answer this question, and how you can protect it in the future? and another one more thing, how you can connect your story with the main reason that it’s hard for copying? even if you have 1000 developers. + Share your directions of solutions were helped you out to be more protected and gave you more answers.

Thanks, :heart:

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Well you can trade mark names, copyright original works. Is this what you mean?

Hi Lindsay,

Yes, I researched for a clear direction to make trademark and copyright more professionally but my directions are not that clear, Let’s say I have a trademark and I wrote down in the footer copyright, is that enough for the meantime to defend and protect copying? or is that can be an answer which cover the question of “how you can protect” is there anything I can do to make it more clear with USA like eCO?

As far as I have looked into this you can patent protect actual algorithms or deep tech stuff that you’ve built. It covers HOW and not WHAT.

I’m guessing you can get a copyright on individual items like buttons or colors. I’m not sure how it works though. Anyhow even if you do, someone will create the same solution with different types of buttons.

In conclusion, everything comes down to speed and execution. If you’re good at these even if someone copies you they’ll never do much harm. Like any one of us can build a copy of Airbnb. But can we compete with them? I don’t think so.
P.S. this doesn’t mean you can’t create something better than Airbnb.

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What a great clarification. I am careless to be copied, but I care most about how to clarify or to answer, to be more clear, it’s easy to copy technology, but it’s very hard to copy execution, personality, and values.

Can you please speak more? give me more elucidation so I can make my answer more elicitated.


I don’t know what you’re looking for exactly. Perhaps you should try asking a specific question and I’ll try to answer.

Anyone can copy anything. All because I buy a famous chef’s cookbook, doesn’t mean I can open up a restaurant and sell the same quality food. It’s all about execution and speed of execution tied with quality. Especially with tech, since it’s nearly impossible to fully patent as the company matures.


Let’s say, I am out of your workplace and I like the way you process things, but at the same time, I know that there is a lot of expertise that can do the same, what the main reason that can help you out to play your position without getting copied, and if someone copies you… How you can add more things to your answer so it can be convinced that’s “IT’S FINE”, besides values, execution and the market is big.

GREAT POINT, CLEAVER. “Quality” come from experience. Can you give another example? another glance. Your sight is specific.

More insightful people, Please join this discussion.

If there’s a way for you to make sure no one copies your product that’s fine. But everything comes at its price. If you think it’s worth it, then go for it. That’s all I can say.

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Looking for more insightful examples like this. humans?

You just need to be an expert in your field to build a good product. If you’re an expert, you will always be ahead of the competition even if they copy you. Always be weary of CEO’s starting tech companies that have zero experience in their companies industry.

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Deeper glimpse, thank you. The chef example is smart by the way.

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I think copyright and IP lawyers would be the type of insightful people are you looking to engage on this question. I don’t know off hand how many of them are in the Bubble forum but doing a quick Google Search should turn up a few in the search results you could contact for more help on the subject.

Thank you
1- I researched more deeply things but IP for advanced stages, So copyright and trademarks with people open-minded aspects like you can help cover.

I appreciate your great stories. But sometimes people’s glances and aspects from the same beginnings with less professional coding are open-mined because they are experienced with people’s behaviors.

Again, thank you!

Sorry, just from the posts in the thread it sounds like that sort of professional would be more insightful to the topic of discussion.

What are you looking for?

Sorry, just thought you would be looking for some insight into how things can happen even at the largest and most well funded of enterprises.

What is eCO?

Thank you Boston for your willingness to help us, Let me explain for you.

I am looking to have answers to cover how you can defend your approach. Like this

Exactly, it’s not important in the meantime.
The electronic Copyright System (eCO)
typically registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. for Literary Works, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Other Digital Content, Motion Pictures, and Photographs.