I need nest and endless repeating group

I need an infinite repeating group. There is a group inside the repeating group, there are options in this group, and when I press those options, the content of that option should appear in the next index group. Like the image below.

What types of problems you are experiencing?

I don’t expect the repeating group to show everything directly. what I need is for the title called awesome MVP to appear in the photo. Then, when I click on the landing page, the second group will be visible and the content of the landing page will appear in this group. And each time I add a new task these groups should be created infinitely

I think you can use states, url parameters or combination both, or using conditions visibility of one thing depends on other.

State: could be boolean type (yes/no) or number, text etc. When e.g. landing page is clicked set the states value to e.g. 1, the next group will be visble when the value is 1, 2 for next group and so on.

Url parameters: Same when landing page is clicked go to page with parameters, current cells value, then use the value to make other groups visible.

Please work on states probably the best workaround.

There are experts here in the forum continuously helping Bubblers like you and me, let’s see if any help comes from them

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