I need some help

Hello and thank you for challenging yourself, I am very thankful.
I would like a freelancer to make a Computer Aided Dispatching System for roleplaying dispatchers and a mobile data unit for roleplaying dispatchers. This system should:

Allow units to log in to their custom department (Police/Dispatchers/Civilian/Fire Dept.)
Allow units to show themselves as available on the MDT, and have this change appear to the dispatchers on the CAD
Allow units to show themselves as unavailable on the MDT, and have this change appear on the CAD.
Allow the dispatcher to change the status of the units using the CAD system.
Have dispatchers make calls on the CAD and assign units to those calls.
Show data information to dispatched officers on their MDT.
Allow people of the civilian department to make their custom profile
Allow civilians to register plates to their name, and also mark their vehicle as stolen
Allow both dispatchers and units to search (NCIC) for civilians using their CAD/MDT
If you have completed this and put it on the website, it would be much appreciated. Send any admin information you have to [email protected]

Hey udesstaff,

Have you check out the template store some bubblers have posted starter templates, that could get you started.