I need to collect date and time to schedule a class in a form

I need to create a form where the user insert date and time (start and finish) of an event like a class that can take one hour to two hours and a half, for example. Or like in Outlook where we select the date/time and then the duration (30 min, 60 min or …) of the meeting.

Sorry, probably this problem has a very simple resolution … I’m new using Bubble so these are my first steps. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @fjfcarvalho welcome to bubble.

To do this, just insert two “DateTime pickers” . One would be for entering start time, another for entering end time. In your workflow for submitting the form, you’d properly assign the startTime and endTime entries from the two date pickers.

This would be the simplest way to implement this.


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Hi talbotnar,

I’ve been around this because I didn’t wanted the users to be obliged to select two dates.
Thanks for your advice, I’ve user two DateTime pickers as you proposed and I’ve configured the minimum and the maximum date as well as the inicial date to facilitate the user filling out the form.

Many thanks and best regards

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