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I need to erase Canvas template

I do not like the Canvas template and I want to remove it from my app and change it for another.

How to proceed?



Erase all UI, logic and dB that came with it.

Be super careful of course! :grimacing:

Another way to go about this would be to start a new app and copy onto it the UI, logic and dB that you want from your existing app. This seems it would be cleaner.

What don’t you like about it? (disclosure: I do contract dev work for AirDev and am very familiar with it)

Hi, If I remove the app, I need to pay another subscription as it seems subscriptions are linked to apps.

Fot me the template is very confusing and as i want to learn in a deeper way I think the best is to my learn from scratch and focus on what it is important for me.


I am not sure I follow.

Are you talking about Bubble or about the Canvas license?


You can join their free bootcamp and learn both Bubble and Canvas.

If you prefer a self learning approach then I definitely would not recommend using a template at all.

I did it.
I already remove canvas app authorization but my app is still dirty with a lot of thinks i dont need to use. I suspect that Canvas can make the app slower as well.

As I suggested … UI, dB, logic :+1:t2:

The framework is quite comprehensive once installed.

Best way would be to start a new app if you are unfamiliar with what constitutes all of the above for Canvas

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