I need to fix my problem, need to remove Stripe for onboarding

I bought a car rental marketplace template that uses Stripe for onboarding and registering users/hosts/sellers but I operate in an area (Africa) outside of stripe areas of operation so my users will need to use stripe atlas to be able to get accounts and this will never happen. So I need my system to be able to bypass Stripe onboarding.

I don’t think Stripe supports Connect accounts outside of their supported region. The relevant docs are here:

You could maybe have a seller account for your entire platform (so in essence a user sells an item on behalf of your company) but that seems against Stripe’s ToS and probably not legal.

I am at a point where I just want to sign up hosts and we are a long way from making payouts or using the payment platform. At this moment I need to sign up the hosts/car owners to the platform. So I don’t yet need Stripe, also since African countries are not listed on the countries Stripe is of no use to me. I will fix that issue of using app in the future. I now just want a system that works in the host signup areas.

You haven’t actually asked a question so it’s hard to know what to help with. If you need them to ‘bypass Stripe onboarding’, the solution depends on how the template is structured. Work out what normally happens when a seller is onboarded (e.g is a field ‘onboarded’ set to ‘yes’?) and then just do the same without the Stripe onboarding step in the signup flow.

Thank you. The template is structured in a bit of a confusing way. When a user clicks on become host, the first thing that happens it pops up a window that says add bank account, this window takes the user to Stripe for onboarding. If I disable this popup and head direct to a user adding their vehicle, the system is not moving past the first step as if something is broken. My question is I want to continue without stripe I need help. I tried to just fidget hoping I would find a solution but I need help.

Yeah, that’s the Bubble template marketplace…

You need to look at the workflows in the popup and work out what actions the popup takes to mark the user as a seller. Then, implement that yourself in a different workflow etc.

This is the structure if it makes a difference.

Is there also a relevant backend workflow that gets called when onboarding is complete? It will probably be publicly exposed and without authentication. Called ‘onboardingcomplete’ or ‘Stripeonboarding’ or something

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