I need to make a selection from the drop-down box influence the result

I am making an application in which some fields must be filled, and after that the user clicks on a button, that button takes the data to my database and takes the user to a screen with the result that best suits him.

And what I need to do is the following, I have a dropdown in which two options are given, so, I need to make the result shown to the user to be in accordance with what was chosen in the dropbox.

I hope you managed to explain, thanks in advance!

You need to apply some constraints to your data search that will match the returned results to the selected option from the dropdown.

So add a constraint so that the desired field on your datatype = the dropdown’s value (you’ll need to make sure the dropdown’s value is the same ‘type’ as the field you’re constraining the search by - or you can match a ‘text’ value on one to the other, it depends how your database is set up).

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