I want to add slots on 1st of every month

I am making a marketplace for fitness coaches where you can hire a fitness coach.

Each coach will have fixed no of slots. Like Coach xyz can take 10 clients every month.

So I need to add 10 to the slot of every month for that coach.

For which I have made this custom backend recurring event.

Now the problem is, I want to add slots on 1st of every month. Can be 1/2nd of every month because of different time zones. But I don’t want to add slots on a random date of every month… Like coach A’s slots gets open on 17th, Coach B’s slots open on 24th. I don’t want this. It will create confusion for the clients.

What should be the start date?(Red in the image)

Hi @rasaadister
To add 1st day of current month you can do like this

Which gives you the results like this
Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 09.53.55

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Great! Thank you!

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