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I want to build my web app on Bubble but I have 1 big concren

I want to build my web app on Bubble but I have 1 big concren:
After reviewing many web apps and websites that was built with Bubble over the internet, I noticed that the site is working very SLOW.
And for me, I had a very bad experience, just waiting there for the page to load.

And I realy gave it a chance. I tried many websites just to try find a website that load fast… But I couldn’t find one. (Even the agencies websites are slow).

So my concren is that:

  • I’m afraid to spend my time on learning how to build my web app then just to find out that it works super slow and the users will not want to use my web app.


  • Someone here can show me a web app that works fast? And not only on the website home page, all over the pages of the web app.
  • My requirements are that:
    ** First Bit Time - Initial Load Time 1 Sec it’s great.
    ** Total requests to the server - initial load over 200 is not good. (71 This is excellent)



Speed does seem to be an issue on Bubble. Search the forums and you’ll find some more tips about optimising data & workflows for speed efficiency.

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For me it seems to go faster in Europe. Most applications where very slow for me just 6 months ago. I haven’t seen this problem now for almost 1-2 months. Where do you live?

I’m from EU.

Hi @ormaman333

Welcome on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I too experience latency on Bubble, but my computer is damn slow so don’t take my word on this.

Here are some Bubble apps I find to load quite quickly:

Here are some threads you could read:

Additional thoughts:

(1) At his point on my Bubble journey, what I consider is if my apps are going to be user-intensive or not.
Are the users going to spend all day everday on it (eg project management tool), especially if there is heavy data manipulation.
If so, I too would be cautious ; if not then I’m fine.

(2) Also, if it’s a commercial app, you can see Bubble as a way to build a prototype, test your idea, experience your first customers and overall validate your project. Then build it somewhere else if you feel like so at that point.
If it’s a free app, well your users could tolerate some latency I think.

(3) Finally, keep in mind you can buy server capacity (see pricing page) or test it beforehand.


Hey @LucM

Nice resources :+1:

Just a quick note though, the first 2 apps you’ve referenced (joinavocado & sendpilot) are not using Bubble as the frontend unfortunately - the frontend is using Webflow. I believe its only the backend of the users section where Bubble comes into play (due to the great power of Bubble). With that said, the other example Go Clickup is actually pretty quick and is a good case study for app optimisation.


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Hey @luke2
Thanks for pointing that out! :+1:
My bad. :speak_no_evil: Post edited.

LucM Thanks for the great resources!
Very helpful.

It’s actually to quick @pauljamess! :slight_smile: Dedicated server? 40 credits?

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Nope, basic paid plan :slight_smile: …honestly.

Just optimised images, no heavy workflows and light touch responsive design with no frills.

I’ve never really experienced performance issues that others talk about :man_shrugging:


I build a simple page with nothing on it, and it take 3 seconds to load. I will investigate. Far from your site at 500 ms (total response!) Maybe Bubble have different internal servers?
edit: it’s now fast on my simple page. Good news. Too many plugins doesn’t help on load.

Like personal level? I find personal faster than basic professional that I think is due to reasons I’ve described elsewhere (reserved vs shared capacity and lack of extra cap on pro…)

:+1:Personal yes

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The interesting thing about pro is that my app does not hit capacity due to server-side workflows, but now my WEB SERVER response is — quite frankly — unacceptably shitty.

You can see it just sitting there as Bubble SLLLLOOOOOWWWWLLLLYYY decides if it’s time to send jQuery, etc to the browser.

Are you mixing this up maybe? With pro you have extra cap and on personal you don’t…?

NO. NOT TRUE. On personal you have burst capacity. On pro you have the number of reserved units you pay for. This gives you plenty of cap for server-side/backend processes at the expense of web server performance. This seems like a bug, but it’s the way it works right now.

I can be THE ONLY user accessing my system (not peaking, not throttled) and I can see the web server just sitting there idling and refusing to serve pages to me. The same sitch in even the hobby plan provides blazing web server speed. I’m not sure how many units one has to buy to restore the same level of performance, but I can tell you that it’s not cost effective.

Is it a bug? Possibly. Does it explain the complaints about Bubble slowness? Almost assuredly.

Basically when you move to dedicated capacity, you seem to solve BACKEND performance issues at the expense of frontend performance. It’s a lose-lose, as one’s app now SUCKS for both tire-kickers AND paying customers.

At least when you’re on personal, your front-end web server functions are fast. (Your backend may be maxing out and causing mayhem, but at least a prospect can have a great experience on your “sell” pages.)

This situation makes almost a 180 when you go pro. You may never have workflows crapping out, but there’s an artificial (and unpredictable) 0 to 5 second delay in page loading/page navigation.

Basically there’s some resource allocation issues in the Bubble app stack.

If your app is like mine: heavy on backend resource consumption, but also dependent on fast page loading (my app makes embeddable widgets), it seems you have to buy something like an order of magnitude more capacity than you’ll ever actually use to get reasonable performance on both ends. It’s frustrating.

Ok, no need to yell though :joy: But we’re basically on the same page then. You mentioned ‘lack of extra cap’ on pro, I was thinking additional server units.

But this is true and the reason for example we dont build landing pages on Bubble.

But that makes no sense, right? There’s a real wonky thing going on with the Bubble stack that has the net effect of driving this dev-user behavior. A free plan Bubble account is just as good as squarespace for building static pages, but this ceases to be true on pro plans without buying (a lot of) excess capacity.

(The point being that effectively free plans have [far] superior web server performance than pro plans. And the price/performance is therefore just way out of whack, right? There’s something wrong here and it’s not just price. Seems to be architectural.)

I agree, it should be something to get fixed. I wonder what the difference in performance is compared to full dedicated.

I’d love to see an example of a completely functioning app deployed across the multiple tiers. Maybe one of our mega-rich community members would be interested in sponsoring an experiment? I’d love to put real numbers to a situation, even though I know it’s not representative of every use case.

One can wish.