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I want to change API parameters

Hello everyone at bubbler

I had a problem with the API and posted it in the forum.

I’m using an API, but I’m having trouble with the parameter settings not being displayed properly. I can get the data, but I want to use the value entered in the input as a parameter.

①Set the parameter to “tickers” and set the value to 2301.

②I was able to get the data

③Delete the default value

④Attempts to set the value of “input A” to be a parameter

⑤The default value is raised as a candidate, and the value of “input A” is never a candidate.

⑥The code looks like this:

For example, I want to set the part written as 2301 of No. 6 to come to “input A”. Is it possible?
Is there anyone who is really in trouble and knows?