I want to change boarder-radius of element dynamically

Hello guys, for my project work I need to dynamically change the border-radius of the uploaded image. I will check the radius value with slider input. Plugins are not working. Can I do it with code?

It’s just a simple conditional statement on the image.

When slider. Value is 50
Border roundness is 50

Go check it out

Thank you for response. I did that like you say. But I wonder if can I do it more dynamically, like when slider is 86, border radius is 86.

I’m not at my computer, but ok, I forgot you can’t set dynamic values in that roundness field.

So then you need CSS. I haven’t checked if it’s runtime dynamic or not with bubble, but it should be.

I can’t write it was out now, but you will need to expose the id attribute of elements. And get classify plugin.

Then put in a html element with style tags and use CSS border that you can adjust dynamically.

You can search pretty easily on the forum to find out how to use CSS tags.

Good luck

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Thank you for your kind response :slight_smile:

Toddler is finally down for a nap… Here it is.

Group ID (whatever you want to call it)

HTML box with following code (background color is not required)… but the !important is.



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