I want to create a video platform... Need help displaying data from reusable item in a repeating group

Hey guys! I hope you can help me. I’ve taken the tutorials, I’ve searched the internet, and in frustration and confusion, I’m reaching out to the community to see if you can help.

Let me break it down simply: I want to create a video platform where people can vote on videos.

-The user will go to the upload page and upload their video and fill out the pertinent information.
-The data will be saved as a ‘video card’ with an inherent attribute of ‘approved = no’.

-These videos that are pending approval will be sent to the admin page where the admin will click a button to change the ‘approved’ from ‘yes’ to ‘no’.

-On the home page, the videos will display ALL ‘approved = yes’ videos.

My MAIN issue is that on ANY page I can successfully display all the information via ‘current cell data’, but the MOMENT I try to use the card within the repeating group, NOTHING appears.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong; I have no errors. Simply, the data doesn’t show up.

What would the first step to be to troubleshoot/remedy this?



I will also GLADLY pay to set up a Zoom call so we can have 1-on-1. Please let me know!

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