I want to create an hymnbook app for Android and iOS

Hello guys, I’m completely new to bubble, kindly help me with guide on how to build an hymn application.

I want a splash screen
I don’t want users to login, just splash screen then to home screen where all songs will be listed with their titles and sing numbers

I want users to click on each title then it will take Dem to screen where the full lyrics are

On the home screen, they can search songs by title or by song number.

Just simple app, can anyone put me through this guide step by step, thank.

For something so simple a CMS like Wordpress will get you up and running quicker and easier. Is there a reason you’re using Bubble?

Sorry I guess I made a mistake, I need to build an hymbook not lyrics.

Yeah so create a Wordpress site, create blog post with the title of the post being the hymn and the content being the lyrics, it’ll save you loads of time and be a better result unless you’re doing this purely as an exercise to learn Bubble

Actually I needed something that will be available offline, I don’t want people to require data connection after downloading from respective play stores

Then Bubble definitely isn’t your best option because all Bubble apps require internet connectivity

Oh, do you have other suggestions or other platform I can use?