I want to send a specific chat to user the user which is logged in

I want some info regarding my project. My Client has a ChatBot created using bubble.io where two persons can chat with each other he want’s me to add a feature that if a user puts his email in the chatbot his chat transcript will be sent to his email from where he can download it and can see it , but the problem I am facing is there are multiple users are chatting and I am storing every chat to a table name messages and when I sent the chat to the user email all of the chats including other user sent to his email but I want to send the specific chat he did with his friend . kindly help me how can i do this . I am sharing my database and workflow pic .

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The problem seems to be with the Search you are doing. You are probably not restricting the search to retrieve only the messages you want.

How did you set up the search? Can you share?

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I just create an event of email where i can send email to a user and in the body of the email i put the seacrch like do a search for messages’s message text , here messages is the table and the message text is the column in which message’s is being stored

In my database you can see how iam storing the messages.

Can you show your CONVERSATION datatype structure?

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Thankyou Bro For Your Help , it is done by applying privacy rules to message column.

Now Iam Facing Some Other Issues Like I want to send it as a transcript can you help me with this

I want to send mail in a format like Transcript but the chat is been getting as just mesages , if iam adding usernames its also showig wrong fotmat .

Any Sugesstion

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Now I just need one favor from you, can you tell me how can we set a time for the emails, I want to set 12 am time, which means when ever the time will be 12 am the emails will be sent to different users. I just want a scheduled event which will happen at time 12 am kindly help me with that.

Yes, it showed me a path to solve this problem, Thankyou so much bro ! Kindly HELP ME with the scheduled event.

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