I want to tell an RG to scroll to the last item on page load but its not working

I have an RG that will load content based on a state set on page load (which is passed to the page as a parameter).

I’d like to be able to scroll to the latest item in the list (which would be the last item) but scroll to entry is working.

The page load workflow sets the state that will influence the RG AND THEN tries to scroll to an entry but I think something is not happening fast enough. And no scrolling takes place.

I can scroll to what I want when the user interacts with things on the page but I want this to happen on page load.

any ideas?

Hey @PineappleJoe

Probably scroll to action interacts before set state. Have you tried to use add a pause before next action?

I made a quick demo for you. It seems its working. I hope i didn’t misunderstand your problem.

Also, I suggest you to check this Free template to remember Bubble actions easily. You might speed up your app development with using Bubble efficiently.

Best, Batuhan

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Thanks. As a general rule im against pauses because they introduce non determinism. But it may be my only option.

Also thanks for sharing the “bible”. will take a look.

You could place a conditional on the scroll,

Only when the RG list is not empty

Or a “when true do once”

When the RG’s list is not empty, scroll to entry _____

Interesting! I’ve never used that before. However both the timer and this option only seem to half work. They are only scrolling partially to the target entry. I am trying to get them to the last item in the list but the RG stutters to an item in the middle.

Are you using a full list? Extended vertical scrolling. Standard vertical scroll?

standard vertical scrolling. I figured full list would work …but this is for a chat feature so a full list wont do.

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