I wish i could get some help from the bubble team


i have submitted my problem twice now with the issue and pictures and what i do to get to the problem and no one wants to help or respond to my emails, what do i have to do to get it fix? its an error that has just numbers i cant fix a error that i dont have access to the back end of how this whole website creating websites was made or i would do it myself

If you share details of the issue on the forum, someone might be able to confirm that it’s a bug, offer insights, and/or provide a work-around.

If you’re certain it’s a bug and have provided Bubble with the details, including a way to reproduce it, then you’ve followed the official protocol, and all you can do is await a reply from Bubble or request a status update.

My experience is that the Bubble team isn’t always able to respond within 24 hours. Perhaps more to the point, this was a holiday weekend, and I’m hoping they all took three days off.

However, you should have received an automated email letting you know their system received your report.

I any case, as @sudsy says, it can be very helpful to post the problem here to see if the community can help.

Hey @finddestinybiz,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

Did you email [email protected] or file a bug report?

From my experience they don’t really contact you regarding a bug report you filed, but if you sent them a support email, from my experience it takes at most 36 hours for them to respond. Please note that they have business hours and after those set business hours emails aren’t responded to until the next day.

I usually see @eve answers most of my support tickets :slight_smile:

Just like @sudsy said, I think sharing with the forums is a good plan before contacting support because most of the time, bubblers on the forums will help resolve the issue :slight_smile:


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