I would like to improve the workflow for retrieving data with empty column values in a search

I want to get data where the column value is empty depending on the value of the checkbox.
When the checkbox is unchecked, I want to be able to retrieve both data with empty and non-empty values.
Currently I have implemented this by separating the steps by when the checkbox is off and when the checkbox is on.
Is there any other way than separating the steps of the workflow?
I think it would be difficult to maintain because each time I add a search condition, the number of steps would increase.

Hey @m.okubo

you can use the Merge setup.
ex. search for table (address empty)merge with search for table (name is empty)

hope its helpful

Thank you for your answer.
I will refer to it.
Even when using merge, do I still need to separate the steps with “Only when”?
I would like to retrieve non-empty records when a checkbox is unchecked.

  • only when checkbox name is empty is checked
  • only when checkbox adress is empty is checked
  • only when checkbox name is empty isn’t checked
  • only when checkbox adress is empty isn’t checked

hi again @m.okubo

yes, you still have to do that.
do you know how to use the advanced filter? how about using an advanced filter than constraints? so that you’ll have less workflow

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