IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding

Hello @neerja,

I need to integrate IBM Watson NLU for one of my client in his bubble app.

I am using HTTPs basic Oauth
apikey: MY_API_KEY

I am calling the following endpoint with a POST method:

Parameters -d
features: concepts
text: this is a text

When running it I receive an error 401
Here is the screen:

I don’t undertand why as I tried the following with Watson Visual recognition and it works fine.

How can I male IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding work ?

Here is the doc of the service

At first sight you are using a Form-data when IBM seem to work with json.

I have check the visual too and this one work form-data.
Change to json in NL and create your json like you can see in your link

Do you mean like that ?

I tried the following but not working

Do you mind sharing an app with an example ?


Your body will more look like this:

  "text": "<text>",
  "features": {
    "entities": {
      "emotion": true,
      "sentiment": true,
      "limit": 2
    "keywords": {
      "emotion": true,
      "sentiment": true,
      "limit": 2

You can play with option (example, turn off by setting false and put higher limit)
I don’t have an app with Watson NL.

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