Icon As A Delete Button

I’m trying to set the red minus icon to delete a single “Terms” from my database. I would like to have it so when you press the delete icon it will use the text inputs value. I.e. I type in “50/50” then press the red minus icon and it will delete that “Term” from my database… Pics for reference… Thanks in advance for your help and patience.

Could need some more details to come up with the best solution, There´s probably more than one way.

Do you want to remove the term fully from the database or just remove it´s connection to the “Bill”?

On the front end “System wide settings”-image, is that a repeating group?

Do a search for … (return data as as list of items ) what data type you search for
You have to choose data type and make a constraint terms = input field 'value and choose first from list returned .
→ this solution good for if you didn’t have reference for this record .

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Worked perfectly. Thank you!

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