Icons in Separate Repeating Groups Need Separate Workflows

Can someone please validate that I am understanding the use of icons correctly. I have two separate repeating groups, but they both use the same icon to check and uncheck items off a list. It works great in RG one, but the button is inactive in RG 2. They have the same name exactly, but only the first one seems to call the workflow.
If I rename the second icon in RG2 and then give it a its own workflow it of course works. My question is why doesn’t the first way work, is it because they are in separate repeating groups?

Any explanation/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @lauren1 :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum! Can you share a few screenshots of how you have this setup, or share a link to the app editor? (You can temporarily set your app to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights: Everyone can view. Then copy+paste the URL into a new forum reply here)

Hi @fayewatson, I have read through many answers from you on this forum, you are very helpful. Thank you for that!

Here is the app link:

I have two different RGs because I am pulling in two different lists by name.

Ah! Thank you so much, @lauren1! :relaxed: So glad to hear that you found them helpful!

Just want to double-check, the checkmark icon is working in the “Small Task” repeating group but not the “Medium Task” or “Large Task” repeating groups? If so, I can totally see why this is confusing. Even though the checkmark icons have the exact same name, they are considered three different elements since they are in different repeating groups, and not currently reusable elements.

For example, if you click to select that element for a workflow event from the element dropdown, you’ll see three different elements with the same Icon fa fa-check-circle name:

To fix this, you could set up the two workflows for the other two repeating group checkmark elements as you stated or create a new reusable element for the checkmark. To set it to be a reusable element, you can right-click the checkmark and select “convert into a reusable element”:

(it looks like you have one similar, but this should make sure the workflows are all copied as well :slight_smile: )

Then, within the reusable element editor, double-click the editor to open the property editor and change its data type to “Task”. Some errors may pop up prompting you to change the “Current cell’s Task” expression to “Parent Group’s Task” for the checkmark’s workflows and conditions. This is needed since the checkmark is a reusable element, and not inside the repeating groups yet.

Once the “Current cell’s Task” expressions have been changed to “Parent Group Task” expressions, place this reusable element into each of the repeating groups and set the three reusable element’s data source to be “Current cell’s Task” (this is done on the page itself by double-clicking each reusable checkmark, and adding that as each reusable elements data source within the property editor). That way, the workflows will occur for each RG Task, but you’ll only need to adjust the workflows within the reusable element. Feel free to let me know if you need any help setting this up! :slight_smile:

This makes complete sense! I will go in there and set up as a reusable element, I thought maybe that would be the right way to go but didn’t quite get how to string it all together. Thank you for such a thorough explanation. Ever mistake is a great learning opportunity!

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That’s right! And you definitely had the right idea from the beginning! No problem at all, @lauren1! :slight_smile:

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