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ID attribute missing in repeating element (popup element)

Hi guys, I hope someone can tell me what’s going on.
I’m trying to create a reusable popup menu for my mobile site, something like what Amazon’s mobile site uses (the horizontal three bars menu icon located on the left top) and I want the menu to be on every page.

So, I created a popup with html element to adjust the width and height and to make it fixed, this approach was successful. Then I converted the popup to a reusable element and looked for the id attribute but its not there, its gone.

What can I do? or is this another bug??

Is the id attribute on the reusable element when placed onto the page?

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You again made my day boston85719!
I feel so dumb now, it’s there. I was on the edit page.
if you place it on a page it will appear. HUGE thanks.

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