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I'd like to use other REST verbs for workflow API

I need to create an endpoint with some workflows to delete things in the bubble database and delete related folders in Google drive in the same call, I’d like to use the verb DELETE for the endpoint but, according to Bubble documentation, this verb and others like PATCH seems to be available only for the Data API, and the Data API doesn’t allow me to set logic, unfortunately.
Would like to know if someone have any idea on how to handle this situation or if I’m wrong and there really is a way to use other REST verbs for workflow API.

If I understand you - I believe you could do what you’re talking about in a 2 step workflow. One would be the Google API call with the Delete action to their API. This would need to be constructed within the API Connector and then used as an Action within the workflow.

Then the rest would be a basic workflow step within that same workflow

The connection with Google drive is already set and works. I’m talking about workflow APIs, I need to build endpoints for other apps to connect to my app. And I’d like to have an endpoint to receive a DELETE call and trigger some workflow when the call hits my endpoint.