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Idea: Enable triggering workflows based on a change to a custom states' value

I’d find it helpful if there were a way to trigger workflows when a custom state changes. Right now, there’s a way to do similar when the value of an input field changes and it’d be useful if this were extended a bit.

Would this be helpful for anyone else?


Hey What is this workaround? I am currently trying to figure this one out myself!

You can probably just put an input on the page. Set it’s value to be equal to the value of the custom state. Then, trigger a workflow when the input’s value changes.

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[edit 2: adding link to app]

Okay, I am not sure how to set the input value to equal the state of another element. When I go into my input and type something in, it is working.


After reading the manual and trying a number of different ways I am not sure this approach is possible.

An input’s value is changed

This event is triggered when the value of an input changes. For text inputs, the event is triggered when the user removes focus from the input.

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I use set states triggered by workflows all the time. Just do a “when something is true” which is when the set state is set to something. I think I explain this in my video if you want to take a look. I can’t remember if I specifically do this or now. I know for sure in a menu, but I know this is possible now. Maybe not before, but it is now.