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Idea for Bubble x

Hi bubbles!
As a no coding expert person who loves Web design, I think Bubble is ideal for me and I am sure it is ideal for a lot others.
I am just experiencing the lack of support. I understand that if you don’t have enough knowledge it’s kinda your problem and I am not expecting support for anything rather than bugs from bubble team.
But my idea is , as a lot of people like me who ain’t experts and they will need a lot of help regarding get their apps running and they might can’t afford courses.
How about if Bubble makes a point system.
So, when users reply to someone question and this person mark their reply as solution they get points.
And then who reach certain points can get discounts on their plan or something like that. This will encourage the users to help each other or even compete on who will find the solution first.
It’s just an idea and I hope you are doing well.
Thank you :blush: