Idea for editor improvement

Arrange-> hide all elements.

Change a workflow from when clicked to anything, like when page load.

Ability to search on script meta tags in header and open it out like a full page found in plugin editor, possibly with auto save revisions like dropbox paper.

Highlight to copy a portion of a condition like mouse cursor.

Copy and paste all workflow actions to past to a new workflow.

Workflows set to custom order in a folder: display alphabetical or drag to order.

Ability to add classes to elements.

Horizontal collapsing.


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Thanks for implementing this.


:astonished: This is amazing

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I really wanted/needed a way to add classes to element, so I made a plugin to do just that; adding classes to any elements right in the property editor.

I’m currently testing a plugin that will allow horizontal collapsing + redistribution. Hope to be able to publish it somewhere in november.


How to add class? there is no element or action
linkPlugin content: This service adds an HTML header to your pages = go to all plugins.
There are few plugins that don’t have page like this.

Ideally I think this should be native feature for Bubble where user can add desired classes from element tab where “element id” is placed. I can add classes to ID from toolbox run js already.

That’s the beauty of the plugin, it doesn’t need extra elements or actions. And yes while you can add classes using JS, doing so requires you to set a unique ID for every of your elements.
I suggest you read the showcase post to understand how to use it. Simply put, you add classes directly into the ID field of the element (while still being able to optionally declare an id).

As for the plugin’s page, I don’t understand why it redirects to all plugins. I’ll have a look as soon as I can.

I’m currently making an app for a client and making heavy use of Classify and it is saving me a lot of headaches.

I understand now, this is very good! I went to install plugin before reading post, maybe you can add the explanation on plugin description.

Here’s a screen shot where I set an ID myID and 3 classes:

And another one where I don’t bother setting an ID; just the 3 classes:

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I will…

Ooh! Do you have a preview/screenshot of that? :eyes:

The feature to collapse width isn’t working (yet) but here’s a glimpse of what it can do:
*from the start, yellow squares are all positioned identically, it really is the plugin that alters the position.

These types of alignments also work in vertical mode + there’s possibility to fixed any element in center (vertical and/or horizontal) of the page.

One things i’m not too sure about the collapsing is should the collapsing happen only within parent container or up to the page’s width… What do you think?


That’s amazing! Pretty excited to give this a go.

I think Bubble always looks at the parent container right? I’m not sure – but if it does – it would make sense to follow that same behaviour I guess?

I think it makes sense to shrink only the parent. Although, Bubble’s with Bubbles way to collapse height one can make a page that’s 5000px long and shrink it with collapsable groups that shows one at a time.

Copy and paste all workflow actions to past to a new workflow.

Yes please!

Allow changing responsible settings on the Element Property editor without going into the Responsive editor.

  1. The Responsive editor is a nightmare to navigate compared to the regular editor (why are they so different btw?)
  2. I know how an element should be aligned – I usually don’t need the preview
  3. Moving between the windows breaks up my natural workflow
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Agreed, just to have alignment options on design element editor is all thats needed sometimes.

While testing I create/edit a lot of data. I spend too much time closing the update confirmation, would be nice if I could switch these off permanently.


Hi Bubble friends

Who would like to be able to change RG format conditionally? :raising_hand_man:t2:

Use case: I have a vertical RG, 5 rows and 1 colum. Designed this way to fit small screens. Would love if it could take 2 or 3 colums on a large screen.
If I could set the number of colums/rows based on screen width I wouldn’t need to have 2RGs with show/hide conditionals.
It would make my editor screen much more clean!!
Think about it!

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