IDEA for PRICING: Hybrid system

As said in the webinar, capacity is a “speed limit” and WUs are like “distance”.

I notice most of the bubblers’ greatest concerns is that their price will just blow up, making their business unvalid. (for example, a freemium model is just unlikely to work)

So, here is my suggestion:
→ Allowing bubblers to set a limite of “WU” in their plans, and after this limit is reached, their app starts working in a capacity model

Imagine that your budget is 100 dollars, and your app has been running during the month, and on day 20, you spent already 100 dollars on WU… So your app starts running in a “speed limit - capacity” model, based on a monthly plan.

And if the bubbler’s biggest concern is not to break their apps, they can just remove their “WU/money” limit.

So guys, what do you think?
Would that work for you?