Idea: Showing common values for custom states, input fields, etc

I think there may be a simple way for Bubble to make our lives a bit easier.

One of the challenges of coding is remembering the names of all of the values for each database field and custom state. For example, when I have a field that changes between “submitted” “accepted” “rejected” it’s easy to forget the capitalization, naming (e.g., did I call it “rejected” or “declined”), singular vs. plural, spaces vs. underscores vs hyphens between words, etc.

I’d find it really useful it Bubble could show me the list of the most common values for these database fields and custom states when I’m adding in conditions, workflows, and actions that reference specific values. This would save me the trouble of double-checking the values and also help prevent me from making stupid errors that cost time and increase the frustration of coding.

Would anyone else find this useful?

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Was just talking about this last night. It’d be incredibly helpful to have a list like this.

The second best option - provided the list is static - is to keep it in a Comment on the element where the custom state is stored.

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