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Ideas on method to pin a repeating group cell to top

Hi Bubblers,

I’m trying to find a good method to pin a record to the top of a repeating group where the pin applies to different users.

In my app, users collaborate on a thing. As part of the collaboration, they can all post to a feed. I need to find a way for each user to pin posts to the top of the repeating group.

One method I’ve been trying is to use a field called ‘Pinned’ which is a list of users. When a user pins a feed post, the workflow adds that user to the Pinned list. When they remove the pin, the workflow removes their name from the list.

I tried putting this into practice and then use sorting to push posts that contain the current user in the pinned list to the top, but I cannot figure a way to get this to work.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this or another method to enable user specific pinning?


Hey Lyndon, this sounds cool. Have you tried the reverse? Have a list field under User that is a list of their pinned posts? Then sort by Current User’s Pinned Posts.

The workflows would then instead add or remove posts to this list field.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks heaps Gaby! I haven’t quite got it to work yet but I think this will be a nice solution.

I’m sure I am missing something quite simple.

See in the screen shot that the second note on the left is pinned (blue pin icon) but it’s not changing position to the top.

Just for some detail on how these lists work.
Each of the 2 lists are repeating groups. They get a little complex but the here’s the basic structure.
Left hand list shows text only notes
Right hand shows notes that have media in them (I.e. Have YouTube vids embedded, audio file uploaded etc).
They are essentially the same search criteria though to make up the list.

One of the complications is that users can create ‘group viewable’ and ‘private’ notes. This complicates the search query a little as I need to merge two searches to show all group viewable and private notes to the current user.

Lastly, I’m also sorting by creation date within the search criteria as default so they show in chronological order (unless a post is pinned).

Here is a shot of the query’s I have.

(Edit: I also just realised the image shows I’m missing the Descending flag, but this has been set and still not working).

I’ve tried the dynamic sort field, but just don’t think I have the logic right.

Any thoughts on how I need to define the logic / structure for this?

Thanks again Gaby.

Hey sorry for the delay here. Ok, I may need a link to help the best, but this is the next thing I’d try…

  • Instead of “Current User’s PinnedPosts contains…” can you do just “Current User’s Pinned Posts”?

Let me know. If not, could you send a link?