IdeaZap - Instant feedback on your ideas

Hi Bubble family!

Really happy to share my first published bubble app, IdeaZap. After a week of hacking (more like dragging and clicking) I’ve managed to build a product that scratches my own itch.

IdeaZap is a place to get quick feedback on ideas you have. Currently, you can:

:mega: Submit ideas: Get feedback on ideas you have
:+1: Vote on ideas: A simple thumbs up or down
:speech_balloon: Give feedback: Let the idea owner know if you’d pay for his idea or give general feedback
:e-mail: Sign up to an idea: Give your email to the idea owner for further updates

We’re currently on ProductHunt :raised_hands: Would really appreciate your support :heart:

Let me know what you think.



Looking good at the top of the PH board so far today!

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This looks great!

Out of curiosity, how lobg did it take you to get to this “launch” phase? I’m always interested to learn about the process others go through when designing/developing their apps.


So I’ve been sitting on the idea for quite some time. Finally had free time about a week, spent the week building it. I submitted it to PH, IH, HN etc. and it kinda gained traction. Tbh I didn’t really put much pre-planning into the design or anything. It was kind of a fix as you go.


looks good, upvoted!

Cheers :raised_hands: