If a astrologer is online, he should be moved to a different page

I am building an astrological consultation website for astrologers.
I want o create 2 pages.
1st page - schedule appointment with an astrologer
2nd page - if an astrologer is online, he should be moved to second page where all the online astrologers are available for a call immediately.

Please let me know how do i track astrologers online and move them to 2nd page.

Edit: If any user is online means logged in, you can use any element like an icon (e.g green circle) as a mark that this user is logged in. You can then use a list of logged in (online) users easily.

Thank you for your time.

That’s a great idea. thanks for that

You are welcome.
You can mark this as a solution if you think so to help others in the forum.
Good luck to your project. :slightly_smiling_face: