If anyone can help i sure would appreciate it

im looking to make a gaming role play community website is there any way to make someone a guest untell they fill out the application to be in my community

I run an app dedicated to a specific corner of nerd-dom too!

I’d do this with a field denoting what kind of user each user is. Create a field (“type”, for example) within the user thing and, when a user signs up initially, give their type field a value of “guest”. Upon filling out the application and being approved, change their type to “full” (or whatever).

Then, just structure your website to show/hide content based upon the user’s type.

if current user’s type = “guest” : show this stuff
if current user’s type = “full” : show that stuff

Hope that made sense. Good luck!

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how would i be able to change it after the are approved of the application process

You could just do it in the same workflow as when you approve them. Whenever a workflow approves an application, just run a “make changes to a thing” action on that user.

make changes to a thing (user) => field: type = “full”

this is my first time building a website for anything like this so im not too sure what all of it means

i dont know how to change the value

There are plenty of tutorials to help you learn about the Data and Workflow :slight_smile: , they are a great source for beginners to Bubble.

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