If the size of the product changes, the cost changes

Good afternoon I have a question, I create a marketplace and I need to do what would be a change in size would change the price of the goods, how do I do it in the database three prices. ? (not using Option sets, because I need that the customer could change and add a size and price itself)

Depends on how much control over dynamic data you want between the different sizes.

The more advanced solution would be to actually have a different Database Record for each size, and then connect all the different Product_Size records to the parent Product record which is probably your main data source (Page’s thing or Group’s thing). In this way you & your seller have full control over how the different sizes changes what is displayed. (Different price, different images, different description, different anything).

However sometimes this added complexity is not really justified/necessary. If you just want to have a dropdown with the different size options which changes the price, you could simply add to your Product data-table a text-list field for the size name, and a number-list with the prices. With this method, you can have arbitrarily many sizes with their own prices. Populate the dropdown with the size-description options, and use the size’s price if the size is changed.

If you go for this approach, be weary when re-ordering those lists (if seller wants to change the order of their sizes, prices need to automatically re-order accordingly). Also be weary that bubble does not allow duplicates on lists when using “add item to a list”. There are workarounds that im sure you will be able to find on the forum.

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Thank you.

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