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If the Stripe Checkout "captured" value changed to something other than "yes", Calculate SumProduct will not work

Hi there, I think I found another bug with Stripe Plugin with Checkout… The way I’m using might be a rare case but I’m just going to make a note here to let the people know when they run into the same situation.

When you get the value from Stripe’s built in Checkout with [Result of step x (Charge the curren…)'S CAPTURED] and you want to use this value as payment confirmation, once the confirmation is done and you want to switch the value to “no” or something else for the next checkout. Stripe will not pass the “amount” value with Calculate SumProduct on the “Charge current user.” It returns the value “Charge amount is invalid: 0” no matter what you do.

(Basically, if you have the “captured” value somewhere on your user DB and if you change the value manually or through event it will not pass the Calculate SumProduct.)

*To avoid this bug, you can use “amount charged” as the payment confirmation.

Check this link

Hey @ambivalent.corp :wave:

Thanks for the post! Mind sending this in as a bug report? We’d love the opportunity to see this in greater detail and better understand what specifically you’re seeing.

I just realized that this issue was caused by the Payment intent ID which I left in the User DB. When I deleted the value from the user worked like a charm.

Oops I’ve jsut made a wrong comment - deleted -

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