If you want to make a plugin, make a useful one

… And not just copy and pasted CSS scripts or crappy plugins which do basically nothing to try to make $2 / month…

For anyone reading this, most $2 plugins are just free stuff they found online that you can implement for free after a basic Google search.

Plugins should really be useful, strong, strategic things, not bits of CSS that you can find on codepen or a dozen lines of JS.

I would suggest creators should try to elevate their plugins to a higher level, and not muck up the already overblown marketplace!

End rant…


Sometimes $2 plugins are actually pretty useful, especially if you don’t want to spend time Googling CSS or working out some JS. What you define as useless might be useful for someone else


For the love of god no more charts!

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Simple, don’t install these plugins and create your own. I have over 70 private plugins. Remember it’s not just creating the plugins, you have to support the users.